Lent 2019 Day 28:Mark 10:13-31

Mark 10:13-31

Of Children and Wealth

If you want to enter God’s Kingdom, come as a child. Come knowing nothing. Come trusting fully. Come as a child. There is no shortage of books on what Jesus means by child-like faith.

Where there seems to be considerably less, at least in recent years, is on the curse of wealth.

Why did the young man walk away? Because he was rich.

What makes it seemingly impossible to enter God’s kingdom? Wealth.

If you want to enter the Kingdom of God, begin the practice of divesting in this world to shore up a treasure elsewhere. Jesus is clear. Lose it all now to gain it all then. The plain reading seems to be the most correct reading. That’s the easy part. Living it out seems to be the hang up.


Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

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