Lent 2019 Day 24: Mark 9:2-13

Mark 9:2-13

Mountain Top Experience

Jesus is transfigured. What does that mean? We don’t know exactly how he was changed, but we are told that his clothes become whiter than seems possible, and that Elijah (the one whom Malachi predicted would come) and Moses (the only prophet to speak with God face to face) come together with him.

Something radical and different and end-of-the-world is happening with Jesus. Peter’s response is woefully inadequate. His is the human response to such paradigm shaking, radical change. When God does something new, we feel a need to do something, but it never makes sense. Still God reveals his radical self to us. Those three, on a mountain, catching a glimpse of the infinity of love.

In case they are confused, having just seen Elijah and speaking about him, Jesus removes all doubt: Elijah has come. This is the end of days. Just like all other prophets before him wee abused, so Jesus expects the same. The glorified Lord, awaiting the attack from those he came to rescue.

foggy mountains at sunset

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

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