2019 Lent Day 14: Mark 5:35-43

Mark 5:35-43

This is not the end

Yesterday, we began reading the narrative of Jesus going to see Jairus’s sick daughter and being stopped along the way. Today, we see Jesus continue this journey. Yet, it seems, the journey will end in tragedy.

Don’t worry, says Jesus, she’s only asleep. This is temporary. And Jesus shows us that it is death, not life, that is truly temporary.

It’s a good reminder to take with you. When things seem at their worst, when all hope is lost, when it seems beyond too late, Jesus is just getting starting. “Oh this?” Jesus seems to say, “I’m definitely not done here.” Whether that is a dream or life itself, nothing and no one, not even death, gets the final say. Jesus alone does. It’s wake up time.

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Photo by it’s me neosiam on Pexels.com

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