2019 Lent Day 13: Mark 5:21-34

Mark 5:21-34

Incidental Healing

On the way to heal a little girl, Jesus is interrupted by a different healing. A woman, desperate for healing and having tried so many things she has no doubt lost hope for whatever this “blood” ailment is decides to make one last desperate attempt to be healed. She reaches out, touches Jesus and is immediately healed. Jesus, knowing what has happened, inquires about it.

“Who touched me?” Jesus says, in the midst of a massive crowd. His disciples are beside themselves. You’ve got to be kidding. Who hasn’t touched you?

No, this touch was different. This is important. There are some touches that have a different feel to them. Trembling, the woman finally comes forward and tells him everything. About the disease. About the doctors. About the not getting better. About her desperation. And Jesus commends her.

It’s not some magical act to touch Jesus’ robe. The history of the Church has made such a mistake many times. There is nothing special about this or that object, or even individuals other than Jesus. Yet, many have, without realizing it, turned Christian faith into a sort of magic talisman. Say things in just the right way, or go to such and such preacher, or prayer at the right time, or possess this object, and things will be made right.

No! Declares Jesus. It’s about faith, which is to say it’s about faithfulness, which is to say it’s about his faithfulness to you. That’s when healing comes. Faith and faithfulness leads to true healing.*

*Note: Healing is not always physical healing, though it may be. There is a greater healing possible.

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