Lent Day 11: Mark 4:35-41

Mark 4:35-41

Who is Jesus

After having healed many, having cast out demons, and spoken with such authority, his disciples still don’t know what to make of Jesus. It is only after seeing him calm wind and wave that they begin to wonder at the secret that’s been seen plainly before them since the first day. Yet it’s not just his authority of speech that gives them pause; it’s Jesus’s entire attitude to what they perceived as a life threatening squall.

In the book of Job, God refers to the Leviathan, the great mythical sea creature of old that no doubt had terrified many a sailor by the mere thought of it, as nothing to be concerned of. Whether Leviathan refers to actual creatures (such as crocodiles or whales or something else), or was merely a legend is beside the point. To God, Leviathan is nothing more than a rubber ducky. This is why Jesus is unconcerned. He’s asleep because he is right at home. The wind raging doesn’t bother him.

When I sleep at night, my dog makes noises periodically. He steps on a toy, shakes himself, feels a need to stretch and readjust which, in the dark, seems to entail bumping into things. Although I’m able to maintain an awareness of it, I’m able to still sleep through it. Before getting a dog, such noises might have been cause for concern. But now that I have one, I can recognize each and every sound. So it is with Jesus. He knows the wind and waves intimately. The sounds simply do not bother him because he’s aware of what it is. It’s only when he hears the panic in the voice of his disciples that he knows he needs to rise up and take care of it. More than anything else in the passage, Jesus sleeping in the boat reveals who he is. This is the same one who invites us to be part of his Kingdom.

lightning over sea against storm clouds

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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