St Nick isn’t always so Jolly

So, I wasn’t posting to my blog in the lead up to Christmas. But if you were friends with me on Facebook, you may have seen these pictures before. Even though Christmas has passed, we are still, technically, in the midst of the 12 day Christmas season (yes that is the origin of the song, Christmas is day 1). So I’d like to give a bit of back story on St Nicholas.

We know two things for sure about St Nicholas. 1) He gave large sums of money to poor families, usually when they were considering the terrible decision of whether to sell a child into slavery to save the life of both the child and the rest of the family. Sometimes he gave presents to small children. Often times he is credited with dropping the presents or bags of money through the roofs or through the windows of these families. 2) During the Arian controversy, when Arius suggested Jesus was, while divine, somehow less divine than God, St Nicholas slapped him. He was asked to apologize for doing so, which he did.

For some reason, we like to celebrate the former and not the latter. To help rectify that, I give you one of the most specifically targeted memes I’ve ever seen (I don’t know the original sources):

St Nick 2

St Nick 1

St Nick 3

Merry late (but not really because it’s not yet epiphany) Christmas

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