Don’t call it a comeback (unless that’s your thing)


It’s…uh…been a while.

If, for some unknown reason you are still reading this blog (or somehow stumbled on it during my hiatus), I’m coming back. If you’re wondering where I’ve been. Well, I got caught up in the application season for academic posts. Remember how involved it was applying for college (assuming it was involved)? Triple that (at least) and you have a rough idea of how involved some of these applications can be. Really? I thought to myself. A third application essay? I thought I was done with that. (Note to self: you are NEVER done with that). The other thing is a major international move (coming back to the US), which, as you might guess, is also pretty involved. My family and I are sort of at a waypoint in the move, but the major bit is over (for the most part).

At any rate, my apologies if you came to the blog to find it entirely dormant (with no real warning). I will, hopefully, be increasing the regularity of my blog posts to bring it back to what it was before I left it.

On to the next

  1 comment for “Don’t call it a comeback (unless that’s your thing)

  1. Daniel Ellis
    December 27, 2012 at 8:30 pm

    We are just excited that you and your family are back in the states…

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