Housekeeping (another non-post post)

Ok, I’ve been a little bit more quiet than usual, apologies to those waiting (particularly since I left the science and religion Friday on a bit of a cliff hanger). It’s been a particularly crazy week last week. This week is looking no better as I have numerous application packets that need to be sent off tomorrow and Thursday. Since that is the case, I will try to get back on track with tomorrow’s post, but it may not be until Thursday or Friday that the regular posts resume. Apologies for those left in the middle of multi-part series.

Other than that, I’d like to bring up two things to your attention.

1) Remember to be in prayer for those who live on the East Coast as the massive storm bears down on them.

2) A friend asked to publicize a story about an American student who went missing during or after a trip she made to Germany (without telling anyone). The full story is here. If you are in Germany or have contacts in Germany, please click the link and look at the photo to see if you might have seen her. There is contact information at the bottom of the story if you have.

Again sorry for the non-post posts, remember to my US readers to vote week or (if you haven’t already) by absentee/early voting if you will be away from your county. No I won’t tell you who to vote for, nor will I say you even have to pick a major candidate. But you should exercise your civic duty (be a good citizen Paul says) especially with local elections, where you probably have a lot more influence (unless you live in Ohio).

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