A Call for Community: A Dying Man’s Wish

So the other day I ran across the video below. The guy featured in the video has asked that this video be shared as much as possible in the hopes that it would go “viral.” After watching it, I think it is something that can go viral and should go viral. This is my attempt to help in that effort. His request is simple: cultivate community wherever you are and in your own way. He is a Christian, though because the video is produced in part by “Soul Pancake,” which is a non-specific religious/philosophical/spirituality organization started by Rainn Wilson (yes Dwight from the US version of “The Office”), his Christianity is only alluded to (“death is just part of our story” etc). Still, I encourage you to watch the video (WARNING: It will probably make you cry), share it, and stop by his website (you can click here).

Again that website is: http://www.grassrootsconspiracy.com/blog . Do stop by and leave comments/encouragement/prayers over there.

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