Prayer for a friend

I preached a sermon yesterday (will post links when the audio is up, so those interested can get it), and was a bit too busy beforehand and worn out afterward to have a post ready for today. I’ll pick up difficult passages again next week. Sorry for the slight hiatus. In the meantime, feel free to suggest future difficult passages in the comments below. I will likely be back blogging as normal tomorrow.

Instead of my normal post, then, I would like those of you who pray to keep a divinity school friend of mine in mind today. His name is Matt Paetz, he is 30, has two little girls and a wife. He also found out recently he has (or hopefully had) cancer in a lymph node in his leg. Surgery has already been done to hopefully remove the cancer (doctors are hopeful). He is supposed to find out today or tomorrow if the cancer has spread, but even if it is gone he will still need to go through a battery of tests and have regular follow-ups to make sure it has not come back (if it has indeed been removed). Please keep him in mind today.

I’ll end with this quote from Ulrich Zwingli:

We cannot but admit that not even the least thing takes place unless it is ordered by God. For who have ever been so concerned and curious as to find out how much hair he has on his head? There is no one. God, however, knows the number. Indeed, nothing is too small in us or in any other creature, not to be ordered by the all-knowing and all-powerful providence of God.

  1 comment for “Prayer for a friend

  1. October 1, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    we will be praying.

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