New Series Starting tomorrow: Church History Minute

At the suggestion of my wife, tomorrow I’m beginning a new series. I’m calling it the Church History Minute. Every Wednesday I will try to give a bit sized chunk of Church History. At least at the beginning, rather than just give a random fact, my hope is to give you a significant event or person in the history of the Church. Then I will give a brief description of it. State why you should care about it now, and if space allows of its appropriate, give a random fun fact not as widely known. I hope to do all of this in under 500 words (Way under if I can manage). Hopefully I’ll at least get close most of the time. Again these aren’t detailed analyses, but short bite sized history-in-a-nutshell type of things. The idea is that you get a better picture of where the Church has come from, without feeling like you need an advanced degree to do it.

Admittedly, coming from a baptist background, baptists may occasionally feature more prominently than others, but I will try to resist that urge. So, if you’re interested, come back tomorrow, and every Wednesday, for it. First up, not holding anything back, the First Council of Nicaea.

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