I’ll be presenting this morning at the King’s College London Research Institute in Systematic Theology on what is essentially a very truncated version of the first two chapters of my thesis. If you happen to be in central London you are welcome. For those wondering, yes this is one of the many reasons my blogging has become less regular as of late.


George Medley (PhD Student, Systematic Theology) will present his paper on:

“The Defined End for the Undefined Present: Defining Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Theology of History in Terms of a Single Unified Contingent Series”

Abstract: Some of the more frequently discussed aspects of Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Theology of History include Pannenberg’s assertion that even though God acts from the ‘end of history’ and that this end was seen proleptically in the resurrection of Jesus, the present period of time, and the intervening future is nevertheless contingent, or undefined. Despite this, relatively little is said about how Pannenberg can make such and assertion without contradicting himself. Further, Pannenberg’s first engagement with contingency is the result of his doctoral work on John duns Scotus. Again, while Pannenberg’s work in this area receives considerable attention among medieval scholars, it is all but ignored among scholars studying Pannenberg specifically. This paper will define the concept of contingency…

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