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Sorry for the interruption, I hope to get back to my series on where the bible came from on Friday. In the meantime, please feel free to read this article by me from this month’s Soul Fusion magazine on the Trayvon Martin Case (getting controversial over in here):

As a general rule, I try to avoid overtly divisive issues, especially ones that tend to be highly politicized. However, in this case the crime that may or may not have been committed is so egregious, and the response has been so entwined with the Church, that it cannot be ignored. While this case may, on a practical level, be about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, in reality it is about all of us.
From the outset let me be incredibly clear about something. Trayvon Martin’s death seems to be a clear case of an innocent person being killed. He was a teenager with no history of violence, he lived in the community in which the slaying occurred, and he was entirely unarmed. As such Martin’s death is both tragic and one that demands justice, regardless of any other fact about the case.
The initial response seems obvious. We should immediately rally around the family of the victim. This is what it means to live in community, we side with those who are victimized, especially those who are victims of such systemic evils as racism. Those who are pushed to the fringes of society, whether because of socio-economic status, gender or ethnicity, are at the center of the Church. Of that there can be no question. This is a death that requires that the Church comfort the families of victims and seek proper justice for misdeed.
Second, the death of Trayvon Martin should be a wake up call to churches around the world to deal with the lingering racism present within their communities. Human nature tends to be racist toward the minority. This is not how the Church functions. The church is a community that is…..[Continue Reading]

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  1. May 3, 2012 at 2:18 am

    For what it’s worth I nominated you for the sunshine award. Visit my blog to check it out. Thanks.

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